Run to Rigolet

We did a day trip to Rigolet on April 12th, 2014. Here are the pics….

To go to Rigolet and back is a long day, and the gas station there is not open on the weekend, so we had to carry fuel. I loaded up my sleigh with close to 100 liters of gas for me and my buddy.

Packed a bit of gear and lunch in there as well, and we set off at 8, headed east.

It was crusty, and the sleds were hardly leaving a track. Thank God for scratchers, we had to use them the entire day.


Taking a break from the lake to do a bit of trail riding.

Would’ve been great to have had the studded track today. It warmed up a little in the afternoon, but for most of the day if we were on the trail it was slick and slippery, and the sleigh was holding my back on acceleration, making me spin, or pushing me going into corners under breaking. It hauls well, but it’s for travelling, and it does change how you have to ride.

We met up with this guy as we were getting close to Rigolet. He was out getting firewood. He said the 12 mile run was a bit far, but the wood was good and he could fall it right next to his komatiks.

Amazingly, he was pulling two komatiks with a 340 short track Lynx. And to think some people need a Superwide to pull a sleigh with 5 gallons of water and a bit of booze to their cabins.

Getting close to Rigolet

The general store in Rigolet.

Rigolet is a coastal community with no road link to the outside, so the only snowplow operating is at the airport. The rest of the town parks their cars once snow falls, and they use sleds for everything all winter.

The local school. There must have been a sporting event going on or something, because it was pretty busy.

We did a long stretch back on the lake.

Eventually we decided to head back out the trail.

Freshly groomed section of the trail going across Sabi Bay

Mokami trail

Just about home. 13 hrs total travel time.

Just under 420kms


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