A ride south

June 29 and 30, 2014, I left Goose Bay and did an over-nighter to the south coast of Labrador.

Left Goose Bay Sunday afternoon is scorching heat. Was 33C in G-Bay, and easily 35 once away from the water. I had to stop a couple of time to soak my head in a brook and get my t-shirt wet to stay cool.

Leaving town I saw a young moose chowing down in a swamp.


Kenamu River.


Trying to stay cool


Endless miles of dirt road


Coming in to Port Hope Simpson


Alexis River


Beautiful day to be on the water


When my bike was made in 1993, if someone had said it would hold $35 gas you’d have thought they were cracked in the head.


Lodge Bay


Coming into Red Bay.


545kms exactly from my house to the pavement.


The temp must have dropped 20C coming into Red Bay. The wind coming off the water was COLD, there was still a ton of snow in the hills, and ice bergs just off shore.



The bike parked in front of the motel. I was going to camp, but it was late, and chilly, and a hot shower was just what I needed.


This morning I got up and headed further south. Saw lots more icebergs, did some nice trails, took lots of nice pics. And then when I was playing with the camera at lunch I managed to accidentally erase all the photos on the camera. I did manage to restore some of them, but everything that was taken after the vid that I tried to erase was corrupted and irretrievable. The rest of the pics were taken with my phone.

Going south I ran into rain, so I turned around and headed for home. Took a detour to St Lewis, and again, getting close to the water the temps dropped by at least 20 degrees. And then it started raining sideways. But I did manage to get a pic of an iceberg.


Port Hope again.


Stopped for a coffee to try and warm up after the rain had stopped.


Riding into the sunset


1300kms when I got home around 8:30 tonight. Lesson learned too. No matter how warm it is when I leave home, next time I’m packing long-johns and a sweater.


This was the route


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