Building a ‘boggan

A recent project was to build a small sleigh for hauling gear. I wanted something with a boggan type bottom that would be easier to haul in deep snow, a traveling sleigh for hauling gas and gear. I could’ve bought something to do the trick for about $6-700, but I figured it would be more fun to build my own.

I started by finding a bed liner on the facebook fleamarket for $40. Then I got a sheet of plywood, 2 pcs of 2×10, some teflon shoeing, and I got to work.


I cut out my runners and screwed the plywood to them. It would’ve been lighter with just the bedliner for a bottom, but the plywood will give it structure, make it easier to haul, and will hopefully prevent punching a stump through the bottom of it when I’m off-trail.

Next, I attached the bedliner to the plywood, and using a torch, bent the bedliner up on to the sides of the sleigh.



I gave it a coat of paint, but I realized that oil paint takes way too long to dry indoors, and it’s too cold to leave it outdoors, so the second coat will have to wait until spring.


Next I put on the shoeing. The teflon will provide durability to the plastic. It holds up well to road crossings and bare ground.

Again, using a torch it was easy to bend around the curves.


As it’s sold in 12′ strips I had plenty of extra and right around the top to help tie everything all together, and provide a bumper against brush and trees when in the bush.


Finally, I built the hitch and tonight I attached it. I do plan on welding in another cross member in front of the sleigh, and I when I do that I need to square up the hitch a little. My bends weren’t quite equal on both dies.

Hoping to try it out tomorrow, though if we end up going to the cabin I’ll have to take the komatik so the dogs can come. But I’m anxious to see what it hauls like.


The snow coming off the sled acts like a sandblaster on the paint and plywood….

…so I decided to add some plastic to the front. Just for fun I picked a very green crazy carpet, which should shed snow quite nicely.

After the first winter I made a few changes to the ‘boggan. First, the center was taking a bit of a beating in spring conditions, so I added a bit of teflon to the center. And, to make it a bit easier to tow on hard pack, I added some runners on the side.

I also put a ski carbide on the runner to make the sleigh track when on bare ice. Works like a charm.

Next, I decided that the pointy nose wasn’t working for me. For one, it restricted space, and made it near impossible to get stuff out of the front without untying the gear in the sleigh. And, even with the slippery plastic on the front, it allowed snow to build up on it, which only increased the weight.

So, I pulled the nails and screws out of the canopy and turned it around.

It remains an easy to haul, though slightly heavy and overbuilt sleigh that’s perfect for hauling gear to the cabin or on multi-night trips.



One thought on “Building a ‘boggan

  1. I have a very similar sleigh design for hauling wood. It is very tough. I have to redo the box liner since it is tore up by rough ground. I am gonna add the Teflon strips next time. Good idea! Thanks for the pics.


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