Homemade alcohol stove

I heard about making an alcohol stove out of an aluminum beer can, and decided to try it out myself. Simple and easy to do.

Take an aluminum can and cut the top out.

Then cut the bottom off, about three fingers high.

Do the same with the top. It should be about the same height as the bottom piece.

Using a pocket knife, indent the upper part of the can a finger width apart, all around the can. You also need to put a tiny hole near the top of the upper part of the can for ventilation.

Then you take the upper part and put it into the bottom part of the can. Add some alcohol and you’re ready to light it up.

I only had 70% alcohol, and it was a little difficult to light. The higher the alcohol content, the better it would be.

When you put your pot on the stove the flames will come out the ports on the side, and it should burn nice and blue.

I tried with a second top, with more pronounced dents on the side, and it burned better. It took a little under five minutes to bring this small pot of water to boil.

Here’s the link where I got the idea from, and they have a video with very good instructions on how to make one.


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