Overnight trip to Nipishish

Nipishish is a remote lake, over 100kms from the nearest road, and close to that far from the end of the nearest groomed snowmobile trail. It’s smack dab in the middle of nowhere and hard to get anywhere further from civilization in a single day.

Friday morning I headed out the bay and up to the top of Grand Lake. From there, I took the False Island portage up to the high lands to begin the cross country track to Nipishish.

Betweeen Little lake and Grand Lake.

On Grand Lake

The Naskaupi River valley in the background.

My first look at Nipishish off in the distance.

And arriving at the lake, where the Crooked River runs out.

Once at Nipishish I headed for Georges cabin. There are precious few cabins in the area, and his is the only one in 50kms.

I lit the fire, made some lunch, and not long after George and Curly showed up.

A couple of otters out in front of camp.

We then headed down to the Crooked River to do some hunting and fishing.

George, hauling in a trout

Curly, showing off his porcupine.

The view in the morning.

George and Curly were staying for another night, but I headed home in the morning, planning on doing some hunting along the way.

Pick a direction and go.

Taking a break early in the ride.

The Red Wine valley on the left, the Naskaupi on the right.

A sign of a successful day hunting

Ptarmigan, feeding in the poplar trees.

And soon, I’ll be feeding on ptarmigan.

By the time I got home, I had a box full of birds.

Was a great trip! And the Expedition was fantastic. I took 20 liters of gas with me, and that was plenty. 378kms and I got home with almost a half a tank left in the sled.


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