Separation Lake

I decided that this weekend I was going to go somewhere, wasn’t really sure where. So dawn on Saturday I headed out east, thinking I’d make my way to Rigolet or head north from Mulligan Bay and see how far I could get.

Sunrise on Lake Melville

It was easy travelling on the bay. Too easy, and I didn’t want to just head down to Rigolet on the bay the whole way, even if the scenery was beautiful. Unfortunately, the trail from Mulligans to Rigolet wasn’t broken, and there was no way I was going to do it by myself hauling a sleigh, so I decided to head north.

The scenery heading north is not too bad either…

The trail going north had been broken a day or two before, though not groomed. This is part of the Trans Labrador Trail and it connects Goose Bay to communities on the north coast, but we haven’t had a lot of snow this year, and this is a long trail over rough terrain.

A large forest fire a few years ago makes for some interesting riding. The burn seems to go on and on forever.

I had been planning on getting to the warm up shelter at Witchdoctor Lake, but eventually I got to where the guys breaking the trail had turned around, so I dropped my ‘boggin and headed on. I wouldn’t have made it very far hauling a load, the deep snow and steep hills made it a challenge with just the sled.

Eventually I turned around, went back to my sleigh and then headed back to the warm-up shelter south of Separation Lake. It’s a nice new cabin, but I’d have to get some firewood before dark.

This would be my home for the night.

I went for a little ride while waiting for the cabin to warm up.

It wasn’t the most comfortable sleep I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t the worst either!

Back at Mulligans. The river was a sheet of glass.

Eventually I crossed over the bay and came in on the south side. Lots more traffic over there, though this vessel wasn’t going very far.

All told, it was 300kms, a few birds, lots of great scenery, and a very enjoyable way to spend the weekend.


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