A long day

A group of us did a day trip to Rigolet the last weekend in February. With lots of fresh snow and drifting we knew we’d be in for a long day.

On the bay the visibility was poor and conditions were rather rough…

so when we got to Northwest River we decided to jump on the trail

That made hauling our mobile gas station a lot easier

But eventually we had to get back on the bay again. Visibility hadn’t improved.

After a long stretch onshore, we were again able to move inland. This trail hadn’t been groomed yet this winter, but it was still better than traveling on the bay.

It was quite the job breaking trail with that much snow, and my sled was caked in snow and ice.

Stopped for a break at an emergency shelter

As we got closer to Rigolet things started to clear up. When you see open water you know you’re getting close!

We didn’t have much time to explore Rigolet, but I’m fascinated by the coastal communities. In the winter time their roads become snowmobile trails and everyone gets around on sled

Finally the sun came out for real as we were heading back

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to enjoy the sun for long, as it was setting quickly.

Our last few hours were in the dark. Made for a very long day, but it was a great day all the same. 405kms door to door.



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