A three day tour

It’s been a while since I’ve done a bike trip, but this summer I had the chance to do a quick trip from Newfoundland back to Labrador. One of my buddies came back part way with me, and we spent a day riding up to Labrador, a day touring around southern Labrador and Quebec, and then, on the third day I continued on across Labrador while Guy made the return trip to the island.


All ready to go

We left from Stephenville, headed north to catch the ferry at St. Barbe.

First stop; breakfast at Pinchgut.

On the way we decided to take the resource roads from Corner Brook to Bonne Bay Pond.

The Tablelands off in the distance

Opening up some zippers as the temps were rising.

Eventually we broke out on the pavement again, just south of Gros Morne National Park.

We continued on through the park until Cow Head, where we did a bit of exploring.

St. Paul’s

Ocean to the left of me, ocean to the right…

And the Apollo arrives in St. Barbe.

Pulling into Blanc Sablon

First thing we gotta do is get some supplies and then head out to our camping spot in L’Anse aux Loup before dark.

At the Depanneur in Blanc Sablon

It was getting pretty duckish by the time we made our way down to the beach, but we had just enough time to put up the tent and collect a bit of firewood before settling in for a few drinks around the fire.

L’Anse aux Loup, off in the distance

We were RIGHT on the beach, so it’s a good thing it’s a protected cove.

Heading back out the next morning. The cove right behind Guy is where we camped.

L’Anse aux Loup harbour

Point Amour lighthouse

This morning the plan was to explore the Quebec North Shore as far as the roads would let us.

Very cool natural harbour in Blanc Sablon.

Riviere St. Paul, Quebec.

We went to the end of the road in Old Fort, and then did a little exploring of sideroads on the way back.

On the hill, overlooking Old Fort

We stopped into a general store and were treated to some freshly made meatloaf and potato salad for lunch

Another great option for camping on the beach, in St. Paul’s River.

A few pics of Middle Bay

Stopped for a break at Pointe Rocheuses.

As the day wore on, we made our way back to Labrador, where we did a bunch of exploring looking for a camping spot before finally deciding to just get a cottage in Forteau.

The beach in L’Anse aux Clair

Fog rolling in.

We had few too many drinks that night, and the next morning Guy left early for the ferry back to Nfld, while I made my way north, back to Goose Bay.

Along the coast the fog was still pretty thick in the morning. But that was mostly over the water, and it didn’t last long.

West St. Modeste

The Pinware

Red Bay

After a late breakfast in Red Bay, I left the coast and started the trek across the dirt section of the road. I was thinking I might camp out one more night, but when I started to run into thunder showers I decided to press on for home.

The bridge over the St. Lewis River

Back on Labrador time

When the rain started to pour I pulled off the road to haul on the rain gear

Stopped for a break

The stretch of road between Port Hope Simpson and Goose Bay is 400kms exactly. Too much for a KLR to make on one tank, so before flying down to Nfld I drove out and stashed 10 liters of gas 105 from Goose, meaning I had to make it 295kms on a tank of gas.

Bone dry at 285.6, 9.18kms from my cache.

The very first truck that passed as I was pushing the bike down the road stopped and offered me a ride.

And I got another ride with a guy working on the new transmission line back to the bike and was quickly underway.

Ahhhh, sweet, sweet asphalt. The guy would gave me a ride back to the bike told me that an Adventure Tourer had gone down at the start of the gravel earlier in the day. The pea-stone that’s used on the gravel road is treacherous, and does not suffer fools gladly.

1379kms over the three days of riding.


3 thoughts on “A three day tour

  1. Sweet ride, sir! Quick question – why don’t you carry gas with you? I’m trying to plan a ride to Newfoundland and the one fear I have is running dry. Been looking into Rotopax to carry an extra gallon.


  2. Hey,
    I didn’t carry gas with me this time because I had the option of caching some before doing the trip. In the past I’ve always carried a gas can specifically for the Port Hope-Goose Bay leg of the journey. I don’t know what the range is on your bike, but in Labrador the longest stretches between gas stations is 300kms and 400kms. Elsewhere in Nfld, range is not normally an issue.


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