Spring 2016 Seal Hunt

Reading some anti-seal hunting posts on facebook lately got me thinking about a day spent on the ice last spring, so I decided to do a short write up on it.

We left from North West River in the morning, headed east on Lake Melville looking for seal. The forecast was calling for showers, but luckily the rain mostly held off for the day.

We had guns with us, but the preferred method of hunting is “darting”, standing above a hole with a harpoon, and when a seal comes into sight, you thrust the harpoon into the seal and haul it up. The harpoon is pretty deadly, but a quick crack on the skull ensures the seal is dead, as their skulls are extremely fragile.

About a half an hour out we started seeing sign and stopped for a look.

This is a breathe hole, where the seal can come up for air, but not come out of the water.

Here you can see where they had a house over the winter. The houses collapse in the spring when the snow starts melting, and that’s when you can finally find seals on the ice

We spot a seal off in the distance, and think about taking a shot

Another group of hunters out on the ice

Success for one of the hunters

Waiting patiently at a hole.

First seal of the day for our group

Heading off looking for more seals

Stopped for another try

What a gorgeous day out on the ice

Another one! Got this one through a breath hole, so the hole in the ice had to be opened up to haul the seal onto the ice.

We later came across a pup who had lost his hole. Isn’t he cute?

We tried to herd him back to the hole, but he was determined to keep going in his direction, so I picked him up to put him back in the water.

Image may contain: one or more people, sky, snow and outdoor

Image may contain: 1 person, snow and outdoor

Time to call it a day, I guess, so we start heading back to the trucks

Was a fabulous day out on the ice. Can’t wait to get out again this coming spring.



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