Newfiebullet’s epic spring vacation, 2011

This is a trip from April, 2011, when I was living in Newfoundland.

I left from Stephenville and went to Roddickton, on the northern peninsula and back.

All packed up and ready to go. The Nytro was a nice trail sled, and pretty good at getting around off-trail, but it had a few limitations as an adventure-tourer. A 27 liter gas capacity and very limited luggage carrying abilities chief among them. But, with some creative use of tie-down straps and bungees, I made do.

I rode the first 50 or so kms by myself, and met up with Mike and Wade at Mike’s place on George’s Lake. From there, we were going to make our way to Reidville to meet up with Carl, and then up to Carls cabin on Taylor’s Brook Road where we planned to spend the first night.

We were taking the back way there, trying to avoid the heavy traffic areas close to Corner Brook, and we were rewarded with good trail conditions, zero people, and a small herd of caribou.

After we met up with Carl, we went for lunch at Hampton Road Junction, and then headed up to his cabin.

Stopped at a Western Sno-riders warm-up shelter.

The cabin, early in the morning

Getting loaded up

All suited up and ready to go

After leaving the cabin on Taylor’s Brook road is when the adventure begin. We went cross country over to Hawkes Bay. There’s a marked route and a warm up shelter on the way, but no groomed trail, and not really any snowmobile tracks. This is some of the more remote country on the island.

An outfitters camp on a lake. Obviously it’s intended more for summer use than winter

Stopping for a snack

It was a cold and windy day for April.

Taking another break in the shelter of some trees

Arrived at the motel in Hawkes Bay

The next day we continue north, with plans to head cross country to Roddickton

Crossing the barrens, Carl struck a rock and ripped his a-arm clean off the sled. He limped back to Hawkes Bay, where he arranged for someone to  come pick him up, and we continued on without him, this time taking the marked trail.

Great trails heading across the peninsula

The next day we left Roddickton planning to go cross country back to Taylor’s Brook.

Going across Canada Bay, the first time I was ever riding on salt water

Going up the Cloud River was one of the most beautiful rides I’ve ever been on.

The weather started to turn, and we were having trouble finding our way across a large valley, so we turned around and headed back to Roddickton for another night.

The next day, we took the trail back to Hawkes Bay, but this time stayed at a friends cabin for the evening.

Spring conditions were really starting to set in, and there were numerous open brooks on the trail

When we got to the cabin for the night, we decided to try a little ice fishing out on the pond before settling in for the evening. Never caught anything worth keeping, but we had a good time

Back at the cabin, we had supper, played some cards, drank some beer, and got some rest in prep for a long day all the way back to George’s Lake

Carl had his sled fixed, and rode up from Reidville to meet us on Taylor’s Brook Road

Skirting the boundary of Gros Morne. We really should’ve made the detour into see Western Brook Gorge, but we were running short of time

Grand Lake in the background. Grand Lake never freezes enough to travel, and it’s a major obstacle when travelling on the island.

Back at George’s Lake just in time for sunset

And this was our route over the 6 days of riding. Well, 7 for me, if you count the last 50kms I did back to Stephenville the next morning as a day.

All told, it was 1550kms of great riding with good friends.


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