Log skidder

This is a small project a did a couple of winters ago. Just a little sleigh for getting firewood at the cabin.

Typically, a sleigh full of wood is heavy, and means you have to beat in a trail really well before attempting to haul wood on it. I wanted something that would be light as could be, allowing me to get my wood with minimal chance of getting stuck.

I decided to use a simple bunk made on a pair of old skis. A skidder, which would let the log drag on the snow behind the sleigh.

I started with a simple triangle hitch

The hitch mounted between the runners

and those runners were tied together with with a couple of cross beams.

The finishing touch was a serrated metal bar across the rear bunk and an additional 2×4 running lengthwise that the chain wraps around.

A close up of the hitch attached to the sled.

Getting a load of dry wood

Best dry wood you can imagine is standing timber that’s been through a forest fire. Knock it down, drive by picking it up, and it’s ready for the stove that day.

And a big load of birch.

The sled works really well. It’s best with two chains and load binders. If strapped tight there’s no worry about losing wood while hauling.


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