Overnight trip to Cartwright

Finally, after years of wanting to go, I had a chance this year to go to Cartwright on snowmobile. It was a beautiful trip, I have to say.

As time was an issue, I took a very direct route down, and an even more direct route back. Straight up the lake, just about 300kms, door to door.The surprising part of that is that pretty much 200kms of that is actually on Lake Melville. It’s one big lake, there’s no doubt, and when you’re riding up the middle of it, it feels like it will never end.

Here’s a few pics…

Stopped for a quick rest at Mulligan Point

And for another break at a portage on Back Bay

217kms showing when we finally get off the lake

Breaking out on the Atlantic


After a great night in Cartwright, it was up early and head back home. Normally I prefer to take an alternate route on the way back, but with time constraints, this time I was happy to have a beaten path to follow, and the only time I got off my tracks was to cut down on some distance. Was still a great ride back though.

Leaving Cartwright at daybreak

Cruising up the coast

Coming out of a portage on Lake Melville

Just about home. That’s Sheshatshui and North West River off in the distance.

This is a pretty easy trip to do. There are a few spots to worry about on the lake, but they’re easy enough to avoid. Other than a lack of shelter in the case of emergency, and the distance you’d be from help in the case something went wrong, it would be a great trip to do on a fast cruiser that you could really open up on the lake. Would make for a nice fast trip. Oh well, the next time I do it, I imagine it’ll be on my wide-track once again. But I think I’ll take a bit more time, do a bit more exploring and stop along the way for a shore lunch.


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